ACM sets a generic national tariff change of +1.42% on pilotage tariffs

Noord - 28 Dec 2016

On December 23, 2016 the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) published the Tariff Decision on Pilotage Tariffs 2017. The ACM has set a generic national tariff change of +1.42%.

This adjustment is caused by several factors, amongst others a decreasing number of pilotage voyages. This Tariff Decision can be downloaded from ACM’s website:

All new tariffs are included in our calculator, which can be used to calculate pilotage tariffs in all regions. Please note: before January 1, 2017 you have to change the tariff period. After Januari 1, 2017 the tariffs applicable for 2017 will be changed to default.

Tariffs are available in Excel-format on request. In case you wish to receive this file, please let us know  via contacts below. Our new Tariff Brochure in pdf-format is currently under construction and is expected to be published on our website by mid-January. 

In case of any additional questions or remarks, please feel free to contact us by e-mail